Guidestone is dedicated to strengthening the local food economy through preserving agricultural resources and educating for ecological literacy. 

We grow farmers.

Through our educational programs, children and adults alike are introduced to the joys of growing food and the responsibilities and care of raising farm animals.

We connect people to the land and land to the people.

In the changing demographics of the Upper Arkansas River Valley Region, there are many acres of valuable agricultural land currently not in production. There are also a growing number of skilled individuals who want to farm but cannot necessarily afford to purchase land. Through our Colorado Land Link program we connect the two together.

We support and revitalize our local food economy and food culture.

Through our educational work and the facilitation of relationships with farmers, landowners, consumers, and restaurateurs, we encourage the emergence of new farming businesses here in the valley and work to strengthen those already established.

Through communications with supporters as well as businesses and local leaders we share current ideas and happenings in the local food and food culture scene here in the Valley. This, in turn, encourages new levels of participation and new policies to be formed that maintains and enhances our valley’s agricultural heritage.