Cottonwood Creek Dairy

Cottonwood Creek Dairy is a raw milk enterprise offering shares in its Jersey milking herd so that you can have your own source of raw milk. You pay $50 to purchase one share which will yield approximately one gallon of milk per week. This is a one-time ownership fee and you may buy as many shares as you like or sell them back at any time. A regular monthly boarding fee is charged for the cost of feeding, housing and milking the cows. While it is not legal to sell raw milk in the State of Colorado, recent legislation has legalized raw milk distribution through a consumer/farmer contract known as a cow share agreement. Cottonwood Creek Dairy is laying plans to build a micro-dairy to provide raw milk in Central Colorado.

What are the Benefits of Raw Milk?

A Living Food
Raw milk contains important enzymes that help you assimilate the nutrients in milk. These enzymes are the natural components that cause the milk to sour when contaminating bacteria are present.

Many nutritionists have reported digestive problems associated with processed milk. Pasteurized milk no longer contains the living enzymes that are necessary to assimilate the calcium, milk sugars and milk solids contained in milk. Raw milk has all these essential enzymes for digestibility. See for more information on raw milk.

Milk Quality
Anyone who has tasted the difference between processed milk and fresh raw milk needs no convincing. The full-bodied, rich flavor of raw milk speaks for itself.

Is Raw Milk Safe?

Raw milk, while being a valuable food source, is very vulnerable to contamination. As agribusiness spawned the “bigger is better” syndrome, some dairy farms became too large to assure a clean source of raw milk. Pasteurization was heralded as the miracle cure to provide the public with safe milk. Health officials are still concerned about the potential hazards of consuming raw milk and recommend that the public consume only pasteurized dairy products. Our goal is to be a small dairy where sanitation and cleanliness can be maintained. Careful herd health management and high standards around milk handling guarantee you the safest possible environment for supplying raw milk.

If I buy into the Dairy, how can I be sure of receiving a regular supply of quality raw milk?

When you decide to participate in our dairy program, we will present you with a series of documents which represent a legal contract between you and Cottonwood Creek Dairy:

Bill of Sale: this is a legal document establishing your ownership of share in our dairy herd.

Boarding Contract: this document is a binding agreement between Cottonwood Creek Dairy and shareholders outlining the commitments of both parties. The Dairy is responsible to provide a steady and safe supply of raw milk, and the shareholders are committed to making regular monthly payments for the boarding of their share in the herd.

Herd Health Program: our veterinarian has outlined a comprehensive herd health plan and has agreed to monitor our management of the dairy herd.

Milk Handling Standards: this detailed document defines the standards for our dairy facilities and our milk handling procedures. It guarantees a management program that is comparable to a Grade A dairy.