Guidestone hosts a monthly Land Link Lunch & Learn Series on the last Thursday of the month. The series highlights a new guest presenter each month, and focuses on topics relevant to beginning farmers and ranchers as well as farmers and ranchers looking to transfer their land and/or business to the next generation.

This monthly series provides an opportunity to get to know your regional Land Link community as well as our organizational partners, allies, and experts in the field of land access and farm & land succession planning. The series is generously supported by a Chaffee Common Ground grant.

Upcoming Sessions

Lunch & Learn is taking a break in July & August as we plan for an updated series this fall!

Previous Sessions

Session 11: Climate Victory Gardens
Thursday, June 24th from 12-1 pm MT
Presented by Acadia Tucker, Farmer & Author of Tiny Victory Gardens: Growing Food Without a Yard

Gardening is something we can all do for the planet – and you don’t need a big yard or a plot in your local community garden to make a difference! We’ll talk about the tools and instructions needed to grow your own victory garden both indoors and out, no matter how much space you have. One that can supply you with as much, or as little, food as you’d like, grown in a way that helps the planet and builds more resilience into your life.

About Acadia Tucker
Before becoming an author, Acadia started a four-season organic market garden in Washington State inspired by farming pioneers Eliot Coleman and Jean Martin Fortier. While managing the farm, Acadia grew 200 different food crops before heading back to school at the University of British Columbia to complete a Masters in Land and Water Systems. She lives in Maine and New Hampshire and grows hops to support locally sourced craft beer in New England, when she isn’t growing food in her backyard, or dining room. She is also an Ambassador for The Rodale Institute on regenerative agriculture. Her other books are Growing Perennial Foods: Raising Resilient Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables, and Growing Good Food: A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Victory Gardening. You can purchase Acadia’s books at Stone Pier Press.

Session 10: Land Link Resources & Database for Landseekers
This session is FREE!
Thursday, May 27th from 12-1 pm MT
Presented by Amanda Laban, Colorado Land Link Director

This is an opportunity to meet with program staff and learn more about the Land Link database and online listing feature. We will walk you through talking with landowners, what to have prepared for your first conversation, and other resources to utilize in your land seeking process. Take this time to ask your questions and learn more about the existing opportunities in our database.

Session 9: Water Law 101
Thursday, March 25th
Presented by Sean Cronin, St. Vrain & Left Hand Water Conservancy District

Join us for an accessible overview of water law in Colorado from Sean Cronin. This presentation condenses years of history and law into a digestible lesson on what you need to know as an agricultural producer in our beautiful, water-challenged state.

About Sean Cronin
Sean is the Executive Director for the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District. He has over 25 years of experience in water resource planning and policy. Sean earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Prior to joining the District, Sean spent 13 years with the City of Greeley, including the last six as their Water Resources Manager. Sean serves on the Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC), is the past chair of the South Platte Basin Roundtable, and on the board of the Left Hand Watershed Center. Sean is a recipient of the Colorado Foundation for Water Education – Emerging Leader Award and the Colorado Water Congress POND Leader of the Year Award. Under Sean’s direction his District received a Collaboration Award from the Special District Association and in 2020 rallied the community around a $3 million dollar tax increase for improved water resource management. Sean lives in his adopted home of Colorado with his wife and two children. When Sean isn’t spending time with family and other activities, you can find him on a river trying to master the art of making a trout rise.

Session 8: Ag Funding & Financing
Thursday, February 25th
Presented by American AgCredit and SOIL Sangre de Cristo

Our upcoming Lunch and Learn will feature financial specialists who can support your farming and ranching business goals. This session will provide information from different types of lenders, traditional and non-traditional, to connect you to the variety of financial options that exist for people like you!

About American AgCreditAbout SOIL Sangre de Cristo
Founded in 1916, American AgCredit provides loans and other financial services to agricultural and rural customers throughout Colorado, California, Hawaii, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada and Oklahoma. They are a proud member of the Farm Credit System, created more than 100 years ago with the sole purpose of serving the financial needs of farmers and ranchers. Their expertise allows them to provide farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses with the resources and financial solutions they need to be successful.Through a peer-to-peer lending system, SOIL Sangre de Cristo awards 0% loans to local farmers, growers and food enterprises. It is a new way to fund local organic food, using charitable donations from Investor Members for 0% loans to local farmers and food enterprises. Together, we are building a permanent, member driven, revolving loan fund.
Tyler Hawkins
American AgCredit
PJ Bergin
SOIL Sangre de Cristo

Session 7: No Land is Free: Unpacking & Planning for the True Costs of Land Tenure
Thursday, January 28th
Presented by Colette DePhelps, Area Extension Educator, Community Food Systems, University of Idaho

Land seekers often base their decision on whether they can afford to buy or lease farmland on the cost of the lease payment or the price of the land for sale. However, there are many other costs associated with land tenure. This presentation will unpack the sometimes hidden costs of land tenure and provide tools helpful in determining if you can afford land to farm.

Session 6: Planning for Your Legacy: Estate Transfer & Succession Planning
Thursday, November 19th
Presented by Todd Hagenbuch, Ag/Natural Resources Agent and County Director, CSU Extension, Routt County

Join Todd Hagenbuch for a down-to-earth conversation about estate transfer and succession planning. Todd is an experienced rancher who will share the importance of succession planning in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

Session 5: How Local Land Trusts View Opportunities for New Farmers and Ranchers
Thursday, September 24th
Presented by Matt Heimerich, Senior Advisor, Palmer Land Trust

Palmer Land Trust’s Matt Heimerich will walk us through the role land trusts play in supporting beginning farmers and ranchers. We will discuss current and future ways land trusts help bridge the land access gap and provide opportunities to land seekers. We look forward to having you join us!

Session 4: Overview, History, and Discussion of Colorado Land Link
Thursday, August 27th
with Amanda Laban, Colorado Land Link Coordinator

This month we want to get you up to speed and answer your questions about our Colorado Land Link Program! Our Land Link Coordinator, Amanda Laban, will provide an overview of the program, discuss the program’s history, and then open up the session for questions. Bring your lunch and join us on August 27th!!

Session 3: A First Year Farm Business Perspective
Thursday, July 30th
with Tracy Furay & Kevin Korb of Meadows Edge Farm, Buena Vista, CO

Join us for a farm tour and discussion from farm co-owners Tracy Furay and Kevin Korb of Meadows Edge Farm. We will discuss transitioning from farm employees to farm owners, navigating their land lease, the farm’s business model, co-ownership, infrastructure, and more!

Session 2: Developing a Lasting Legacy: A Holistic Approach to Succession Planning
Thursday, June 25th
with Ann Adams, Executive Director of Holistic Management International

In this webinar we will explore how farm and ranch families have used the Holistic Management goal setting process to develop the trust and vision for their families to successfully navigate the authentic communication necessary to effectively create succession plans for their farms and ranches. Learn more about this goal setting process and how it can be used to create a strong foundation for not only effective communication but also expanding the human creativity of these families to address the critical challenges they face.

Session 1: Land Link Opportunities for the Next Generation: How Land Link Programs Can Support Land Access & Succession Planning
Thursday, May 28th
with Suzanna Denison, Program Manager for Farms for a New Generation, American Farmland Trust

This session will offer you an opportunity to understand the breadth and variety of land link programs across the country and discuss what Colorado Land Link can do for you. Suzanna will highlight stories from both beginning farmers and retiring farmers, provide details on national trends and statistics, and offer context for the necessity of the localized approach when connecting land seekers with land opportunities.

We look forward to engaging with you on the last Thursday each month!