Colorado Land Link serves as a catalyst for convening conversations and resource development around the issues of land access and farm succession.  Through fostering meaningful and long-lasting connections, we strive to support the vision and goals of the next generation of farmers and ranchers together with those of current or retiring producers and landowners.

As part of these efforts, Colorado Land Link maintains a database to support potential matches between farmers and ranchers seeking land opportunities with landowners and retiring producers wanting to transitioning their land. We seek to find match opportunities that show strong potential and a shared agricultural vision between both parties.

In addition to this matching service, Land Link serves as a resource clearinghouse for educational and training opportunities, technical resources and networking for technical assistance and support.

The success of Colorado Land Link is not based solely on how many matches we make, but also on how many farmers and ranchers benefit from the tools and resources we provide along the way.

Working regionally across the state,  Colorado Land Link supports:

  • Beginning farmers and ranchers looking to enter agriculture
  • Prospective farmers and ranchers seeking land access and farm opportunities
  • Non-farming landowners seeking farmers
  • Retiring farmers and ranchers looking to develop farm succession and transfer plans

Land Link serves as a referral and resource center providing tools and services that include:

  • Visioning Courses & Assessment Tools for Next Generation Farmers and Ranchers
  • Online Database of Landseekers and Landowners
  • Technical Resources
  • Scaling Up Workshops
  • Farm Succession Support Services

For more information for Landseekers click HERE.

For more information for Landowners and Retiring Producers click HERE.

Colorado Land Link Regions Map