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Interested in pulling garden education activities into your classroom curriculum? Our staff has developed a comprehensive list of garden education resources correlated to state science standards. These resources are organized by grade level, K through 6th grade, with associated links to lesson plans and activities. We will continue to build out this list for additional grades, as well as other content areas.


Grade Level: K

Grade Level: 1

Grade Level: 2

Grade Level: 3

Grade Level: 4

Grade Level: 5

Grade Level: 6









Through the Farm to School Initiative, Guidestone also provides Professional Development Opportunities for teachers that focus on providing background information, resources, ideas and support for incorporating garden education curriculum into the classroom.

If you would like to learn more about Guidestone’s upcoming professional development sessions, or would like to work with us to custom develop a professional development workshop in your district, please contact

Professional Development at the Salida School Gardens
Professional Development at the Salida School Gardens