We are busy planning our 2021 Summer Camps!
Information and registration will be available after Spring Break.

You can find information below on what we offered in 2020.

Summer Camp 2020

We are so excited to re-open summer camp registration and be able to provide Farmhands programs this year! We have been diligently restructuring our summer camp options to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations, to keep campers and their families safe, and Chaffee County Public Health has approved our COVID-19 health policies and camp structure.

Through June and July, we will offer programs on a two-week-on, one-week-off schedule, with two camp options for each “on” week! Camps begin Tuesday, June 9th!

Scholarships are available. For more information, or to inquire about scholarships, please contact Leah Capezio: leah@guidestonecolorado.org or 719-239-0955.



Even with social distancing and masks, our garden and homestead programs provide youth with opportunities to ‘dig in’ and learn how to grow their own food, participate in farm and ranch life, interact with farm animals, and play!

  • Ages: 7 and up
  • Times: 9 am – 3 pm
  • Capacity: Max of 6 campers per program
  • Cost: $135 per 3-day session; scholarships available
  • Deadline: Registration closes at 5 pm on the day prior to each camp start date.
  • Farmhands Parent Handbook 2020



Garden Camp at the Longfellow Elementary School
June 9-11, June 30-July 2, July 21-23
These three sessions are offered individually. Sign up for as many as you like!
Longfellow Elementary School, Salida

How does your garden grow? You get to decide! Camp days at the Longfellow garden will feature opportunities to learn and grow through garden activities and skills, games, songs, stories, movement, reflection, and fun with friends! Each camp will feature themed activities that reflect the garden as it evolves and changes throughout the summer.

STEM Garden Camp at the Salida Middle School
June 16-18, July 7-9, July 28-30
These three sessions are offered individually. Sign up for as many as you like!
Salida Middle School, Salida

Bring your curiosity to the Salida Middle School garden this summer! Investigate agriculture through the scientific method, hypotheses and experiments, engineering challenges, and creative problem solving. Record observations and blueprints for inventions in your scientific notebook! Each camp will feature themed activities that reflect the garden as it evolves and changes throughout the summer.


Pioneer Camp
June 9-11
Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center, Salida

Step into the past and experience the homestead as a pioneer! Pioneers had to be resourceful, making many of the things they needed from scratch. Leatherwork, sewing, food preservation, home needs, tools, and even toys and games had to be made by hand. We will practice these skills and imagine homestead life through the eyes and hands of many perspectives, sharing our experiences in a homemade journal. Join us as we walk in the footsteps of the people who have lived and worked at the Hutchinson Homestead!

Animals on the Ranch Camp – CAMP FULL!
June 16-18
Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center, Salida

If you love animals, this camp is for you! Meet and study our meat, milk, egg, and yarn producers, including beef and dairy cattle, goats, sheep, alpacas, rabbits, chickens and more. We’ll learn about the care, feeding, varieties, and agricultural roles of these animals, and have fun making butter, ice cream, fiber art and other crafts that celebrate our animal friends.

Homestead Detective Camp – CAMP FULL!
June 30-July 2
Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center, Salida

Have you ever dreamed of being an archaeologist? Or a detective?! The Hutchinson Homestead is home to many artifacts and clues that tell the story of what life was like on a homestead and ranch over 100 years ago. You’ll have the opportunity to explore and examine historic items to glean information about the people who lived and worked here, and you might even discover new hidden artifacts!

Ranch Camp
July 7-9
Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center, Salida

Become a Junior Rancher! Are you a veteran Hutchinson Homestead camper, eager for something more? This is your opportunity to delve deeper into rancher skills and tasks. Practice skills like irrigation and pasture management, learn to fashion the tools of the trade, give Rancher Abby a hand in completing an essential ranch project, hike to the pivot field, help with cow and horse care, and more. Get yer ranch hand bandana mask on, and join us for fun on the ranch!

Agriculture Through Art and Music Camp – CAMP FULL!
July 21-23
Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center, Salida

Celebrate agriculture through music, painting, drawing, sculpture, and more! As participants explore the art of growing food, caring for animals, and ranching, this week will provide many opportunities to observe, express and honor the uniqueness of an agrarian life and landscape through art and music. Participants will get to share their work with their families at an end-of-week celebration.

Pioneer Pantry – CAMP FULL!
July 28-30
Hutchinson Homestead and Community & School Farm

In celebration of this bountiful time of year, join in 3 days dedicated to the homesteading and food preservation techniques that allow us to grow our own food, enjoy our harvest, and store some food for the winter. We will also explore the ways that pioneers had to gather, grow, and use plants for medicines. At the end of camp, campers will celebrate with a feast including produce from the farm, homemade butter, Dutch Oven biscuits, hand-churned ice cream and more!