Welcome! We are holding our 2023 plant sales on Friday, May 12 from 4-6pm and on Saturday, June 10, from 10am – noon. Online ordering will be open for 1 week prior to the sale date, and plant pick-up will be on the sale date.

Information for the Plant Sale on Friday, May 12, 2023

Pre-Ordering for the May Plant Sale is now closed; walk-ups are welcome 4-6pm on Friday, May 12!
Our first sale will offer cool season crops that you can plant in your garden now — broccoli, cabbage, chard, lettuce, parsley, collards. Quantities of some items may be limited due to availability.

Order Pick-Up & Walk Up Sales
Friday, May 12, 4-6pm
Pick-up of pre-ordered plants and any additional walk up sales will be from 4-6pm on Friday, May 12.

General Information for Plant Sales

Order Pick-Up Location
Community & School Farm
1455 Holman Ave, Salida, CO
The farm shares a parking lot with the dog park and is across from the Trailside Estates neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@guidestonecolorado.org or give us a call at 719-239-0955.

Thank you!
Thanks to High Country Bank and Altamont Landscaping for their support of these plant sales.

Plant Descriptions

VarietyDays to Maturity & Description
Waltham Broccoli75 days, lots of side shoots, frost tolerant. Waltham Broccoli
De Cicco Broccoli45 days - small heads, lots of side shoots. De Cicco Broccoli
Farao Cabbage65 day, green, 3lb head - Farao Cabbage
Copenhagen Market CabbageCopenhagen Cabbage: 65-80 days. Tightly wrapped green cabbage that forms 6-8" diameter heads; Danish heirloom. Copenhagen Market Cabbage
German ChamomileBeautiful small white flowers with yellow centers, great for tea with a light apple flavor. German Chamomile
Rainbow ChardRainbow Chard. 58 days full size. Mix of colored stems, good bolt resistance. A beautiful crop to grow and harvest. Frost hardy. Rainbow Chard
Ruby Red ChardChard. 58 days full size. Red stems. A beautiful crop to grow and harvest. Frost hardy. Ruby Red Chard
Vates Collards68 day, slow bolt, large leaves. Vates Collards
Flash Collards55 day, very slow bolt. Flash Collards
Nasturtium55-65 days to maturity, beautiful edible flowers with an arugula-like bite.Nasturtium
Gomphrena85-100 days, beautiful purple to white variation, beautiful for cut flowers or dried. Gomphrena
Red Russian Kale50 days, purple stem, flat leaf great for salads. Red Russian Kale
Vates Kale55 days, open pollinated, curly green kale. Vates Kale
Dazzling Blue Kale60 day, blue lacinato type kale. Dazzling Blue Kale
Winterbor Kale60 days. standard green curly kale, cold hardy. Winterbor Kale
West Front Kale50 days, very cold hardy, grows throughout winter. Western Front Kale
Romaine (Freckles) Lettuce55 days, pretty green romaine with maroon specks. Freckles Lettuce
Romaine (Parris Island Cos) LettuceParris Island Romaine Lettuce. 68 Days. Tall, upright green heirloom romaine. Parris Island Lettuce
Butterhead (Speckles) Lettuce50 days. Amish heirloom green butterhead/bibb type with dark red flecks. Speckles Lettuce
Butterhead (Buttercrunch) LettuceButtercrunch Lettuce. 65 days. Heat tolerant heirloom. Compact and good for containers. Buttercrunch Lettuce
Moss Curled ParsleyMilder flavor and better cold tolerance than flat leaved varieties. Moss Curled Parsley
Italian Flat Leaf ParsleyGreat flavor, grow inside or out. Frost tolerant. Flat Leaf Parsley
Bloomsdale Spinach30 days, frost tolerant, open pollinated savoyed leaf spinach. Bloomsdale Spinach
Galletta StrawberryEarly season, June-bearing, large berries with excellent flavor. Galletta Strawberries
Green TomatillosGreen Tomatillo: 75 days to maturity. 2-3" green fruits produce well for us in late season. Green Tomatillos
Black Krim TomatoesBlack Krim. 80 days. Russian heirloom tomato with green shoulders, dark red flesh. Delicious! Indeterminate Black Krim Tomatoes
Red Cherry Large Cherry TomatoesRed Cherry - Large. 75 days. Big round red cherry tomatoes. Indeterminate. Red Cherry Large
Red Fig Cherry Tomatoes85 days from transplant, indeterminate, very productive teardrop-shaped red cherry sized tomato. Red Fig Cherry Tomato
Sungold Cherry TomatoesSungold Cherry Tomato. 57 days. Sweet, delicious orange cherry tomato with high yields. Indeterminate - must be trellised. Sungold Cherry tomatoes
Supersweet 100 Cherry TomatoesSupersweet 100 Cherry Tomato. 60 Days. Productive small/medium red cherry. Indeterminate. Supersweet 100 Cherry Tomato
Tulsi / Holy Basil60 day, very tender holy basil used for teas. Tulsi

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